Articles by Dr. Paul David


Chemical Dependency & Family Health
Gambling Addiction
Treating Sexual Compulsivity
Problem Drinking 101

Couple Relationships:

Monogamy & Infidelity:
Pair Bonding
Infidelity: The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Recovery from Infidelity
Atonement and Forgiveness

Intimacy & Sexuality:

Attachment and Attachment Styles
Being Intimate
Boundary Assessment
Pair Bonding & Repair
Stages of Intimacy
Sexual & Emotional Intimacy
Steps to Improving Your Love Life
Setting Healthy Boundaries
Finding Love in the Right Places
Getting to It

Conflict & Repair:
Research on Conflict
Effective Communication
Differences in Coping Styles
Fighting Guide
Finding Forgiveness
Repair in Intimate Relationships
Conflict Resolution Protocol
Resolving What Is Resolvable
Conflict Repair
Gender Differences in Household Responsibilities

Couple Therapy:

My Approach to Couple Therapy
Gender Sensitivity in Couple Therapy
Integrated Couple Therapy (ICT) Model
The Science of Intimacy

Family Relationships:

Life History
Family Genogram
Settling Unresolved Feelings
Child Maladjust
Collectivist Article
Culture & Family Relationships
Disciplining Children
Intergenerational Transmission
Telling our Growing Up Story
Developing Household Chore List


Human Emotions & Dysregulation
What Is Effective Psychotherapy?
The Importance of Diet & Exercise
Some Steps to a More Satisfying Life
Reeling in Rumination
Changing Ourselves for Real
The Self-Care Mantra
Anxiety by the Numbers
Getting Mad
Understanding & Assessing Yourself


Grief and Loss
Finding Meaning in Loss
Loss and Mourning
Parental Loss Agenda
Posttraumatic Growth


Extreme Hardship Waivers