Articles by Dr. Paul David


Chemical Dependency & Family Health
Gambling Addiction
Treating Sexual Compulsivity
Problem Drinking 101

Couple Relationships:

Monogamy & Infidelity:
Pair Bonding
Infidelity: The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Recovery from Infidelity
Atonement and Forgiveness

Intimacy & Sexuality:

Attachment and Attachment Styles
Being Intimate
Boundary Assessment
Pair Bonding & Repair
Stages of Intimacy
Sexual & Emotional Intimacy
Steps to Improving Your Love Life
Setting Healthy Boundaries
Finding Love in the Right Places
Getting to It

Conflict & Repair:
Research on Conflict
Effective Communication
Differences in Coping Styles
Fighting Guide
Finding Forgiveness
Repair in Intimate Relationships
Conflict Resolution Protocol
Resolving What Is Resolvable
Conflict Repair

Couple Therapy:

My Approach to Couple Therapy
Gender Sensitivity in Couple Therapy
Integrated Couple Therapy (ICT) Model
The Science of Intimacy

Family Relationships:

Life History
Family Genogram
Settling Unresolved Feelings
Child Maladjust
Collectivist Article
Culture & Family Relationships
Disciplining Children
Intergenerational Transmission
Telling our Growing Up Story


Human Emotions & Dysregulation
What Is Effective Psychotherapy?
The Importance of Diet & Exercise
Some Steps to a More Satisfying Life
Reeling in Rumination
Changing Ourselves for Real
The Self-Care Mantra
Anxiety by the Numbers
Getting Mad


Grief and Loss
Finding Meaning in Loss
Loss and Mourning
Parental Loss Agenda
Posttraumatic Growth


Extreme Hardship Waivers